About us

VinLink Marlborough – Creating opportunities and success for our people, partners and community

About us

VinLink Marlborough – Creating opportunities and success for our people, partners and community
VinLink is located in the bustling winemaking hub of Riverlands Estate, just 10 minutes from Blenheim CBD. We have over 1000 hectares of grapes for our wine processing facility, and produce over 12 million bottles of world class wine each year.

We have a close network of growers throughout the region, as well as our own leased land, and manage the full process from the vine to the store, at scale. This allows us to provide quality, consistency and a sustainable approach to wine.
A history of winemaking in Marlborough​

VinLink was founded in 2012 by a group of local winemaking families who have a long-held tradition of grape growing in New Zealand. Over generations we’ve forged a close connection with the land and the particularities of wine making in the Marlborough region, and beyond.

Our vineyards are spread over 1000 hectares of Marlborough, an area characterised by moderate temperatures and plenty of hours of sunshine. Within this climate our vineyards each have their own terroir, due to their variety of locations across higher plains as well as valleys such as Wairau and Awatere – known for their strength in producing Sauvignon Blanc. That’s why, with our single variety focus, we consistently produce quality, export-quality Sauvignon Blanc.

Partnership, not competition​

Because we don’t create or own New Zealand wine brands – we are primarily a wine processing company, or create wine for overseas markets – we aren’t competing for market share. And that means that there is no prioritising of our own brands, creating a partnership of equality with our clients.

There are two main arms to VinLink: firstly, making wine for export, with the help of our own growers and leased vineyards. And secondly, our wine processing offering, in which our clients give us grapes to process, and they then bottle under their own brand. It’s a symbiotic relationship for everyone that allows each of us to focus on our strengths.

Our team

VinLink is made up of a close-knit team of people passionate about the ritual and reward of producing top quality wine.

Join Us​

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